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Sadhana & the New Year

Sadhana, a committed daily spiritual practice. Treat your life as sacred and holy.

If today is the shortest day of the year and from here on out the days will be longer and longer, or something like that… then I pray that my closed, hardened, fearful expression of myself diminish in this solstice and come alive the joyful, spontaneous and playful girl expanding each day more filling up cups on days that only get longer. 

There is this purging I’m noticing about my life. Like life itself erupts to be cleared and renewed. For example, a piece of furniture I got rid of because it was more of a dumping ground than an actual thing to be enjoyed and used. Out went the dumping ground, out went the clutter clinging dearly to it. And thank goodness, because the cleaner my house gets the more I enjoy being home and the more I do for myself in favor of my life’s work, the more alive I feel.

Purpose. Some of that is to talk about how yoga affects my life in a positive way. Without the fancy shmancy, just like … I breathe, I feel better. I breathe in sync with others, holy smokes.

I want 2019 to be happy and healthy. I want to leave my bad habits behind and create a life of purpose and freedom. Some of the best ways to do that is through the use of meditation, intention setting and community.

Come with me to move your bodies gently, explore what’s on your minds, breathe big, and share together.